Unoccupied Property Insurance

Delite Insurance Agency specialises in providing insurance solutions to clients with non-standard home insurance requirements, including unoccupied properties. When a property becomes unoccupied, the majority of standard insurance policies will only provide cover up to 30 days of vacancy but often existing insurers simply lapse insurance cover, creating a difficult problem for you.

So if your property is currently vacant, or is likely to be vacant for more than 30 days, you will need an insurance cover that specifically caters for extended periods of no occupancy. We can offer cover that has been developed specifically to cater for unoccupied properties:-

Inherited properties / Power of Attorney

Moving a loved one to residential care or worst still losing someone close to you can provide challenges, but finding adequate cover for their empty home need not be one of them.

On the market awaiting sale

Dependant on the housing market, it can take many months to secure a sale for a vacant property.

Between tenants

Not having a tenant in a property causes enough problems without having to worry about the buildings insurance.

Long trips away

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, an empty property in the UK should not be a concern.

Properties undergoing renovation

The majority of properties that are empty are awaiting or undergoing some renovation work. Some just need decorating whilst others need major renovation including extensions, loft conversions, new bathrooms or kitchens, windows, plumbing or wiring.

Unoccupied home policies sourced by Delite Insurance Agency include the following key benefits as standard:


  • Holiday homes – cover for full perils
  • Long term unoccupied buildings – cover for full perils or fire lightning explosion and earthquake perils
  • Property Owners Liability – protecting you against injury to persons and damage to property

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