Previously Flooded Insurance

Delite Insurance Agency can help you overcome the challenge of arranging insurance for a property that has suffered from flooding in the past.

According to the Environment Agency, over 5 million homes in the UK are at risk of flooding from a river or the sea. If you are unfortunate enough to have been flooded in the past or you live in a flood risk area, you are no doubt aware of how difficult it can be to obtain appropriate insurance cover. Most insurers will have no interest in offering cover for your home. However, Delite Insurance Agency can arrange bespoke cover for your previously flooded home.

Insurers will need to know more about your property, such as:-

What was the source of the flooding?

This is normally a river or the sea, the small brook or stream nearby that burst its banks after heavy rain, or backing up drains. How much higher than the water are you normally?

What remedial work you have done to protect your property?

You may have installed sumps and pumps, tanked the walls of the property or installed door guards. The insurance provider will be interested in any preventative measures that you have taken to reduce damage should the flooding reoccur.

What remedial work has been completed to prevent flooding in the future?

The Environment Agency may have dredged and cleared the nearby water course, engineered flood channels or installed a flood barrier.

If you are considering buying a property which has flooded, you should approach us when searching for insurance cover. You should ensure appropriate cover can be secured early in the purchasing process. It can sometimes take longer than expected to obtain cover and this will likely hold up any mortgage application.

Any future property value may be affected by the previous flooding regardless of how long ago the damage occurred, but this can be offset once specific flood defences have been proven to work.

Flood prone home insurance policies sourced by Delite Insurance Agency include the following key benefits as standard:

  • Loss or damage to the contents of your home
  • Personal belongings such as jewellery
  • New for old replacement of home contents
  • Cost of temporary accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable due to insured damage
  • Loss or damage to the buildings of your home
  • Fridge and freezer contents
  • Cover for garden contents
  • Replacement locks and keys
  • Accidental damage to home entertainment systems
  • Student accommodation cover
  • Cover for cash at home
  • Extra cover for birthdays, weddings and religious festivals

Your home insurance can be extended to include the following additional benefits:

  • Legal assistance cover
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Personal possessions cover
  • Home emergency cover
  • Loss of keys cover

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